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WGI Auctions.
It is now a long time since our last auction mainly because we created a new activity in the US and, unfortunately, because of the Covid 19.
We will now run regularly auction series with 4 auction types.
We will run our usual numismatic auctions with the "All World gold certified coins & medals".
We will also run on the same day bullion auctions with 0% buyer's premium in order to purchase gold at the cheapest price which is important in these so special times. Some of the lots might also have on or the other rarer coin.
You can read the detail of the way that the bullion sale work here.
On one day a numismatic and a bullion auction with all world material will be run in EUR and EUR and % for the bullion sales. A few days later, a numismatic and a bullion,auction, mainly with US material, will be run in US$. EUR and % for the bullion sales.

The first auctions in EUR will take place on September 07 followed on September 12 by the two auctions in US$.

We are excited to restart our auctions and we look forward to seing you for our next auctions auction series starting on September 07.
Your WGI Team
The next auction Series
Auction 28 in Euros

Monday, November 09, 2020, E-Auction N° 28

Numismatic Sale.

Part I: All World Certified Gold Coins & Medals

Part II: US Certified Gold Coins

16:00 Luxembourg Time.

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