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Auction 23. The Bullion Sale - All World Multiple Lots.
0% Buyer's Premium

.Get the excitement of the gold market!


For this sale the price of each lot is based on the amount of fine (pure) gold contained.

Bids are placed on a % basis of the gold price according to the following Bid Steps:
From 100% to 105% in steps of 0.2%
From 105% to 110% in steps of 0.5%
From 110% to 120% in steps of 1.0%
From 120% to 150% in steps of 2.0%
From 150% to 200% in steps of 5.0%
Above 200% in steps of 10.0%

All starting prices are 100%. Prices might increase depending on the numismatic value or the condition of the lot or of the competition.

Gold rate used during the auction will be given 30 minutes before the auction starts.
The auctions takes place in % and is displayed both in % and in EUR (in US$ for the specific US bullion sales).
Hammer price is in EUR (in US$ for the specific US bullion sales)

If you need more information about the bullion sales please do not hesitate to contact us at


Buyer's Premium for bullion Auctions is 0%.

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